Saturday, December 16, 2006

This is just SO WRONG!!!

You have to see it to believe it, but this is what showed up on when I logged in:
MANGROOMER Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver The product description has to be one of the FUNNIEST things I've read in a while. Here's a snippet:

"How the Mangroomer Can Improve Your Life

Look and Feel Clean and Manicured -- Eliminating unsightly back hair presents a more refined, clean image to others.

Confidence -- Increase your confidence knowing that you are 'back hair free' and no one will be staring or snickering at you, or get turned off by unsightly back hair.

Romance -- Start up that spark in your relationship or marriage by surprising your partner with a smooth, sexy back.

Muscle Definition -- Shaving the hair off your back shows your muscle definition in much greater detail. You'll simply look in better shape after using the Mangroomer.

Sweat -- Keep your back shaved clean and help keep your back dry with less sweat and less chance for body odor.

First Impressions -- As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Don't let back hair ruin the image you are trying to project.

Summer Essentials -- When your shirt is off this summer, no back hair is a big plus. Whether you're at the beach or a pool party, use the Mangroomer to avoid embarrassing, hairy-back jokes.

Avoid Embarrassing Public Treatment Options -- With the Mangroomer you can shave your back privately, easily, quickly, painlessly, and inexpensively by yourself, in the comfort of your own home.

Product Description
MANGROOMER is 'the essential do-it-yourself electric back hair shaver' for men. The unique patent pending design enables a man to remove unwanted back hair by himself in the privacy of his own home or while traveling. Every man should have the option to remove unwanted back hair easily by himself, privately, quickly, painlessly and inexpensively. MANGROOMER has a sleek, lightweight, compact design that folds flat for storage and travel and when needed opens easily and quickly for instant use. When the shaver is operated its unique patent pending design enables you to reach all areas of your back with ease. The handle is fully extendable and adjustable and locks into place at various lengths to reach even the most difficult middle and lower portions of the back for men of all sizes. "

I can't stop laughing at this! Posted by Picasa

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